Our research has a broad reach as it brings together multiple
disciplines to gain a deeper understanding of how our security is
influenced physically, culturally, socially, and psychologically. We
cover all aspects of security and how they interconnect from physical
to the wireless spectrum and includes privacy, trust, vulnerabilities,
and attacks. Our goal to make sense of security.

Our main research projects







The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual is a complete methodology for the testing, analysis and measurement of operational security towards building the best possible security defenses.



The Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual is a complete methodology for penetration and security testing, security analysis and the measurement of operational security towards building the best possible security defenses for your organization.

RAV Calculator

A calculation sheet to simplify making ravs, the standard security metrics for measuring the Attack Surface of anything. It's necessary for completing the STAR.

STAR Sheet

The Security Test Audit Report (STAR) is a standardized summary of the results of a security or penetration test providing precise calculations of the Attack Surface, details of what was tested and how, and indemnification for testing organization. The STAR is required when OSSTMM certifying the security of an organization.

Hacker Highschool

 Today's teens are in a world with major communication and productivity channels open to them and they don't have the knowledge to defend themselves against the fraud, identity theft, privacy leaks and other attacks made against them just for using the Internet. This is the main reason for Hacker Highschool. Therefore, in HHS you will find lessons on utilizing Internet resources safely such as web privacy, chat, mobile computing, and social networks.



Hacker Highschool (HHS) is an ever-growing collection of cybersecurity lessons towards a full curriculum written specifically for teens from 12 - 20 years old and covering subjects that are timely, interesting, and important for teen cybersafety. 


Each HHS lesson is designed as self-contained learning, no teaching required. Why? Because hacking is about discovery and that needs to be learned, not taught. The lessons are all written in a fun narrative and promote good moral behavior, resourcefulness, technical know-how, and empathy.


 In HHS you will find lessons on that teach teens on how to utilize Internet resources safely and so much more. Prepare teens for the field of cybersecurity. Let teens explore what it means to be a hacker in a positive way where they learn creativity, problem-solving, overcoming failure, researching new ideas, and other skills they can immediately apply in all facets of their lives.


Music to live by. Modifying negative behaviors through music. 

This project researches the effects of ambient sound environments on behavior to reduce security incidents and improve focus, concentration, motivation, and happiness. 


We isolated the elements of songs according to their influence on sentiment, a common tactic used in priming a target for social engineering. We then used those elements to create sound templates which designate the frequencies, rhythms, beats, compositions, styles, arrangements, and aural distribution techniques. The results are sentiment-pure music to improve behaviors.


For the practical aspect of this research our goal is to create music as a tool to help, heal, and support. A large percentage of office workplace mistakes and accidents happen due to distracting sounds, background chatter, and noise pollution. Improving the environmental sounds along with sounds to maintain concentration can alleviate some of this problem. Further research shows there are further practical applications alongside professional providers of pain management, mental wellness, and therapeutic consultation.


We use meta research from cross-discipline scientific journals to determine specific sentiments from sounds effecting behaviors. We create templates from the sentiments made of the sounds, frequencies, and composition needed to accomplish specific tasks. These templates are then applied by professional musicians to create original music.

Cybersecurity Playbook

The Open Source Cybersecurity Playbook is a guide written for IT professionals to understand how and what towards building security. Ideal for the SME (small and medium enterprise) with a focused, complete, customizable IT security plan for protecting against cyber attacks and data theft. 


Jack of All Trades

The Jack of All Trades (JAT) is a way to exercise the mind and explain security concepts in real world ways through different jobs people are already familiar with. The JAT can be used to interview new security professionals, teach people to be better security professionals, or just complement creative, security problem solving in a work environment.

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