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Since no one person can corner the market on good ideas and concepts, we accept contributions from everyone regardless of background or profession. All contributions are reviewed for relevance, clarity, and language. Regular work requests are posted to the ISECOM discussion list where contributors can find specific topics we are asking for more details on. Other contributions may take the form of constructive criticism, editing, project content review, programming, translations, research, and open, active discussion. If you have an idea for a new project and have the intent to manage and research it, ISECOM can offer you a central platform for development, peer-review, and development assistance. 


Casual critics, supporters, additional comments and contributions of all forms of initiative may also be directed on the mailing lists. 


The manuals will not point out specific areas with details as to who authored a section. All contributors are mentioned at the beginning of the document and no more. This is to prevent biases and to allow anyone to confidently submit information without fear of reprisals. Copyrighted material has no place in the manual. Please do not try to submit borrowed material. Please be aware of the Open Methodology License and the GNU General Public License which are in effect. Vendors and authors are encouraged to contribute works to our common body of knowledge to be referenced within projects.


ISECOM is pleased to know of all organizations using our projects as internal regulation or in fulfilling consultancy engagements and we highly encourage you to let us know. You may contact us at ISECOM and let us know if we may use your organization in our marketing materials. Each ISECOM project is useable as to its appropriate license. See each project's specifications for details. ACADEMICS ISECOM is interested in working with universities on graduate and undergraduate projects and reports involving ISECOM projects and through internship programs. This practice is already in effect with various universities around the world. For more information write us or join our Academic Partnership Program.