RV4sec, June 3, 2015, Virginia, USA

Vendor Risk Management and Trust Analysis

Get a grip on the risk caused by your vendors, cloud, software providers, partners, and other third parties you need to work with. Manage it in an orderly way that doesn’t overwhelm you or become the paperwork that sucks the life out of your job. Master it so you can make sure the people in charge of those relationships can also help you manage the security of those 3rd parties. This provides you with the means and the toolkit you need to do it in a practical, responsible, and secure method.

Shakacon, July 6-7, 2015, Hawaii, USA

Penetration Testing with the Pi This workshop will use the tiny, portable Raspberry Pi to cover many of the steps of an OSSTMM penetration test. The steps will be illustrated using different Pi functionality — starting with building out your own Pi for your testing needs and taking it right through exploitation analysis. Everything you learn will be wrapped up by challenges we prepared for you — including several real-world system that have to be hacked. If you want to take a deep dive into this newdimension of computing, this workshop will fit your needs! Each registered student will get a Raspberry Pi 2 (or B+ depending on availability), a touch screen display, a portable keyboard with built in touchpad and a red laser pointer, a battery pack, and the microSD card with software pre-installed. And you will put it together yourself. So roll up your mental sleeves and bring your data work gloves because this 2-day class will have you going in hard