Certified Trust Analyst (CTA)


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Anyone who can size up a person, situation, or outcome quickly based on the evidence at hand gives an extreme amount of control over risk to the person or the organization that can apply it. The ability to make better decisions and make them more quickly by being able to analyze the issue and find the key points that satisfy trustworthiness is one that can change the odds of many risks. It is especially helpful to determine what information is lacking for making a better decision and what information is actually relevant. That is what it means to use trust analysis.

The CTA is a person who can apply the proper techniques to make accurate, snap decisions on what to trust and how far that trust extends.


This certification is designed for decision makers such as team leaders, management, communications personnel, human resource teams, security personnel, military, and public service professionals whether social workers, firefighters, policemen, or politicians.

Trust analysis techniques can be applied to hiring processes and correct security clearance placement with much less risk than ever before. They can be applied to understanding interpersonal communications and relationships to strengthen bonds. 


The typical course will last from 3 to 6 hours which is strongly focused on practical exercises.

The course will teach the tricks and techniques to analyze trusts quickly, easily, and how with practice this can be a natural way to understand your own instincts and gut feelings. It will teach you to deconstruct your perceptions, examine an issue without bias, dismiss fallacious evidence, and measure the amount of rational indicators lending to trustworthiness. Furthermore it will allow you to see how people see you, your image, your company's image, and how to make corrections so as to be more trustworthy for others.

The class is based on trust and analysis research for the OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) a peer-reviewed, international standard for testing the security of anything. Funded through a European project for turning open systems into trusted systems, ISECOM was responsible for, among other parts of the project, the research of trust, what it means, and how to measure it. The findings were brought into the OSSTMM 3 and further extended into a training course to help people utilize it. More details for pre-study can be found in OSSTMM 3 in the chapters on Security Analysis and Trust.


The CTA exam acknowledges the participant has learned the principles of trust analysis and how to measure it.

The exam requires a total of 20 answers within 1 hour. The purpose of the exam is to show the extent of trust analysis accuracy while maintaining efficiency. Each question is in the format of scenarios and situations with multiple choice answers.


CTA certification requires a grade of D (60%) or better for certification. Each certificate is accompanied by a transcript which reflects the grade and areas of strengths and weaknesses. The grade of A (90% or better) includes a seal of excellence.